Short Term Rentals, Marina del Rey

Many business travelers who need to spend several days or several months in LA find themselves with a dilemma that seems to have no easily solution — but in fact is already solved by the presence of short-term housing by LAX.

Motels and hotels that cater to the tourist industry don’t generally have everything that a businessman needs and also require someone expecting to stay for a month or more to bring a myriad of basic supplies.

Contrast that with the furnished apartments near LAX:

Cooking, Groceries, and Appliances

You have to work pretty hard to find a hotel with a full-sized fridge and a cooktop and microwave — but in short-term housing, it’s a non-issue because a full kitchen is standard. You can maintain any diet you happen to be on, because you can easily purchase and cook your own food to your own standards. The apartment will have a full refrigerator/freezer, oven, stovetop, microwave, and even basic housewares including full service for four or more and basic pots and pans. This can save you a vast amount of money on eating out or ordering in.


Depending on the specific short-stay you’re living in, you might be able to get amenities that range from a coin-op laundry room to a fitness center, pool, or beyond. Keep in mind that you pay for what you get, so if you’re not the type who would actually have the time and desire to take advantage of a pool, paying for one is a bit silly.

Business Resources

Most short-term housing near LAX is at least nominally intended for business use, which means that they tend to have amenities designed for business use. Internet access, local phone, and occasionally small business electronics like a fax machine or printer — but more often, if you want those kinds of accessories, you’ll have to bring them yourself. Electronics are often seen as too great of a risk for landlords for a variety of reasons ranging from theft to simple information security.

Short-stay housing near LAX is the solution that dozens of businesses are looking for — they just don’t realize that their problem hasn’t already been solved.

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