The city of Los Angeles, California is widely regarded as an alpha world-class city, as one of the largest metropolitan areas in the entire world, and as one of the most frequently visited travel destinations on the planet Earth.

It could be that you are a sun and beach lover, or perhaps you consider yourself a Walt Disney aficionado, or you may be planning to spend time here in the Southern California area simply in order to explore all of the famous landmarks of the city and its remarkable cultural heritage or its world-class nightlife, or you may strictly be coming to the Los Angeles area for your work or for family or business reasons.

There are literally a million and one reasons for a person to visit Los Angeles, and one of the most essential keys to getting the most enjoyment and relaxation out of a short term visit or an extended stay in Los Angeles, or to maximizing the productivity of your trip to the City of Angels, is being able to find the perfect place to stay while you are here in the Southland.

For individuals, couples, groups or families who plan to be staying in Los Angeles for a period of time that is just too long to be practical in a regular hotel room, but not long enough to seriously consider entering into a rental agreement for a permanent home in the area, our Los Angeles Furnished Apartment short term rentals may actually turn out to be the perfect housing solution for what you find to be your local accommodation needs.

Exceptional Convenience & Excellent Facilities

One of the most attractive features that you may discover about our Los Angeles short-term apartment accommodations is that they will already be completely ready for you to start to live in them right away, as soon as you walk in the door.

The apartments come pre-furnished with just about everything that you would normally expect to find or need in your own home, from your sofa to your fridge, from your bath towels to your kitchen cookware, from your high-speed wireless internet service to your secure parking space to keep your rental vehicle safe.

Just bring a toothbrush, because we will essentially provide just about everything else that you are likely to need in your apartment. We like to consider our fully-furnished short-term apartment rentals to be a home away from home for all of our estate’s residents.

Location, Location, Location!

Our upscale, modern Los Angeles short-term rental apartment accommodations offer our guests the opportunity to have the premier advantage of being able to be located on a serene and beautiful garden estate situated just about a mile north of LAX, allowing you and your cohabitants to have direct access to and from flights at Los Angeles International Airport in literally just about 5 minutes.

Whether you will find yourself driving a rental car, or taking a taxi or using a private airport shuttle service, or utilizing Uber or Lyft or another ride sharing service to get to and from your terminal at the airport, it really is going to be a breeze!

Our West Los Angeles apartment complex is also located just about a 5 minute drive away from both Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and the Otis College of Art and Design, just about an 8 minute drive away from the Del Rey Lagoon, beach volleyball and the ocean at the Playa del Rey Beach, and only approximately an 8 minute drive away from Marina del Rey.

Our beautifully landscaped & gated garden estate is situated just about 2 blocks away from the fun & affordable sports facilities at both the Westchester Golf course and the Westchester Tennis Courts, with a plethora of casual and fine dining options of all types and abundant shopping possibilities and entertainment opportunities nearby in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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