Furnished Apartments, Marina del Rey

Fully-furnished apartments: in Marina Del Rey, they’re a relatively new invention. Renting out an apartment with all of the necessities of everyday life was unheard even a decade ago, because it was strictly a liability to the landlord.

But as the economic crunch has forced everything into a mode of practicality and economy, some landlords found a peculiar niche: furnished apartments near LAX.

How furnished is Fully Furnished?

Some such apartments are what they call ‘semi-furnished’, where the apartment comes with the ‘big ticket’ furnishings like a bed, couch, fridge, oven, and so on, but is missing the small but vital details like silverware, a coffee maker, and pillows. Fully-furnished apartments, on the other hand, are literally ready for someone to bring in a suitcase full of clothes (and probably their own toothbrush) and live — like a top-of-the-line hotel room without the ridiculous price tag.


One thing you generally won’t find in a fully-furnished apartment: a computer. There’s just too much danger involved when you offer businessmen a computer that they don’t take with them when they leave — landlords can’t afford to be held responsible for data carrying over between one tenant and the next. So if you need a computer to get your work done, either bring your own or have your business provide one for you.

The Bills

Generally speaking, there are two ways that a fully-furnished place will deal with the bills. The upscale types pay for all of your bills — sometimes putting caps on things like your phone usage or your internet bandwidth — but charge you a correspondingly higher fee for staying there. Others look like they’ll be cheaper, but then they hit you with all of the little bills, from water/sewer/garbage to phone, electricity, internet, and sometimes beyond, like maid service to clean up after you leave. Be sure you examine the contract very carefully so that you know what you’re getting into when you sign.

Fully-furnished apartments are the answer to a lot of problems, from corporate relocation problems to off-campus housing for students waiting for a dorm to open up. If you need a place to stay for a few weeks or a few months while you take care of business, check them out!

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