Furnished Apartments, Los Angeles

Today’s business environment is such that making cross-country or even international business trips is perfectly normal — as is uprooting your family from Minneapolis or Memphis and ending up in Los Angeles in a matter of days when some new development demands it.

You can take your computer, your mobile, and all of your critical data anywhere at the drop of a hat; unfortunately, your house isn’t so portable.

When your boss gives you less than a week to relocate, finding a new home becomes a fairly absurd notion — just closing on a new home can take longer than that, not to mention the complete inability to shop around and find the right new place. You need to live in the area for a couple of months, and you don’t want to unpack everything just to have to do it all over again several scant weeks later.

Instead, when you get a corporate relocation to Los Angeles sprung on you at the last moment, consider a short-stay apartment. A short-stay apartment gives your family a comfortable, fully-furnished place to live for a week to several months — so completely ready to live in that you won’t even need to unpack. You could even leave your old home behind as-is and then arrange to have your stuff moved once you’ve closed on your new place.

You get to avoid the high cost of living in a hotel for a month or more, but you won’t suffer for lack of the basics — the better short-stay apartments come with high-speed internet, flat-screen TVs, and even a barbeque on the back patio. Tastefully decorated, fully furnished, and literally turn-key ready for your family, the LA short-stay apartment is made just to address a family in your position.

If you’re renting or using a company car, you’ll want to make sure that the corporate apartments you’re looking for have a garage, and preferably a gate to keep interlopers out of the place. If you’re looking into doing lots of business from your apartment, you might be able to find one that comes complete with a fax machine, scanner, or other bulkier equipment that you might not be able to bring with you. Whatever your needs are, there’s relocation housing in Los Angeles — somewhere — that will work for you.

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