Corporate Housing, Los Angeles

Corporate Housing Los AngelesWhether you are a freelance contractor who will be working in Los Angeles for a few weeks or a few months, or you represent a corporation or other organization that will be hosting out of town employees or industry experts for an extended or indefinite period of time, or you will be in Los Angeles for an internship or exploring local employment possibilities, our corporate housing apartments can be an ideal housing solution with substantial benefits to both your productivity and your comfort.   

Here are just a few of the reasons you or your employees or contractors will likely find our corporate housing apartments to be an excellent accomodation solution for your short term or extended stay on the West Side of Los Angeles.

If you or your employees or contractors are going to be in the Los Angeles area for an extended period of time, then having a spacious and comfortable environment in which to relax at the end of a day and enjoy the weekends and time off from work that doesn’t feel claustrophobic can be of great value.

Our corporate housing apartments can also provide you with the space required to entertain your guests without feeling as though you are in someone’s bedroom, with all of the furniture that you would find in your own home or apartment provided for you.

Even the most modern and luxurious of hotel rooms and suites will generally tend to lack many of the conveniences and comforts that a real home environment can provide.

When staying in a standard hotel room, a visitor may typically encounter a small room that contains a bed, a desk, a television, and perhaps a small sofa or loveseat and a seating area.

Even in the context of a larger hotel suite, the space provided will generally tend to be a lot tighter than that of a full sized corporate apartment, if it does include a kitchen area at all then it will probably tend to be somewhat minimal and only really suited for light use (a “kitchenette”), and it is likely that the pricing structure for a typical hotel suite will not necessarily be a particularly well suited one for an extended stay or a stay of indeterminate length in Los Angeles.

Our corporate housing apartments, on the other hand, can provide you or your colleagues with the experience of being able to stay in a full-sized upscale modern apartment for a short-term, medium-term or an indefinite-length stay in the Los Angeles area.

This means that you or your colleagues will be able to enjoy all of the standard amenities that you would expect of a home, such as a medium to full-sized kitchen and dining room area with a dining room table, chairs & place settings and kitchen appliances including a dishwasher, that is designed and furnished for cooking meals and enjoying them with guests, and not just for reheating leftovers.

Our corporate apartment accommodations include a fully furnished living space with closets that are large enough for all the luggage, clothing and incidental items that you need to bring with you for your extended stay in the Los Angeles area, as well as a generally quieter and more private environment than the hustle and bustle you might find within a typical hotel, with balconies, patios and landscaped gardens for your enjoyment, relaxation and peace of mind.

In addition, our corporate housing in Los Angeles is located in a very safe and centralized location close to Los Angeles International Airport, all of West Los Angeles, the South Bay, and the Silicon Beach communities of Los Angeles, and major freeways that will take you anywhere in the Southland quickly, giving you easy access to the best Los Angeles has to offer.

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