Corporate Housing, Los Angeles

Corporate Housing Los AngelesWhether you are a freelancer who will be working in Los Angeles for a week or two, or are a corporation who will be hosting out of town employees or industry experts for an extended stay – the benefits of corporate housing are many.   

Here are some of the reasons you or your employees will enjoy corporate housing for their extended stay.

Even the most modern of hotel rooms, generally lacks many of the luxuries of home. When staying in a hotel, too often one small room contains a bed, desk, TV – and if you are lucky a seating area. Even when upgrading to a suite, space is still tight—and the kitchen is likely to have nothing but the bare minimums. Either way, a hotel room feels more like a bedroom.

However, corporate housing is designed to feel as though it is a modern apartment. This means you will enjoy features such as a medium to full-sized kitchen designed for cooking – not just reheating leftovers; a fully furnished space, with closets large enough for the luggage and clothing you require for your extended stay; a quieter environment than the hustle and bustle found within a hotel; onsite laundry, and free parking.

If you or your employee are going to be in Los Angeles for an extended period of time, then having a spacious place to enjoy time off of work that doesn’t feel like a sardine can is a must.

A corporate apartment also provides the space required to entertain, without feeling as though you are in someone’s bedroom. The furniture will be far more comfortable, and far more liveable – allowing you to sprawl out and fully relax as you or your visitors desire.

On top of the benefits above, corporate housing in Los Angeles is always located in a safe and centralized location. This means it is easy to enjoy the local attractions, as well as experience LA in an authentic manner.

While most opt for corporate housing for extended stays in Los Angeles – also consider corporate housing as a premier housing option for trips longer than one or two days.

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